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Commendations and Kudos 
"In memoriam" to Officer Jane Warner.
Officers Fitzinger and Taswell receive commendation from State Senator Mark Leno,
Feb. 2012
Support letter from
Supervisor Scott Wierner

Neighborhood honor for Officer Fitzinger Neighborhood honor for Officer Taswell Officer Scott Hart
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"When one has worked on the streets of this City for forty-three years as a Patrol Special Police Officer without any adverse incident and with many valid and appropriate arrests to protect the public, and when one has served San Franciscan's with fairness and honesty, I appreciate Police Commissioner President Thomas Mazzucco's public recognition of my service on April 20, 2011. However, it is not just my service, but the long service of many other officers that should be recognized, nor is it words that will best protect the public and the clients whom I was honored to serve. It is by action taken by the commission and our new Police Chief to immediately affirm and strengthen the entire Patrol Special police force, that will best bring about what I stood for in their judgment, and that is, dedication by all officers and representatives of this great City to the greater public safety."

Officer John Candido, Patrol Special Police (Star #2621), retired (4-28-10)

"I just want to express my gratitude for Patrol Special Officer Antjuan Taswell being where he was the night the shooting took place on June 26, 2010 at Castro and Market during the SF Gay Pride celebration. My sister and I were probably 10 feet away when were heard the gun shots. I looked to my left and there was an African-American man lying face down on the ground. We immediately ran blindly to a club called The Café into Patrol Special Officer Taswell. I blurted out to him that someone just got shot and he shoved me and my sister behind him and ordered us to get inside. We were in such a state of panic / shock that we needed to hear some directive. I also felt safe as soon as he shoved us behind him, as though he were a shield . . . I actually stayed behind him a second or two longer after my sister ran up the stairs into the club and he again ordered me a second time to get inside (hey, I was shook up).I commend and appreciate Patrol Special Officer Taswell for his protection and bravery. He responded immediately to our distress and provided safety for all."  Respectfully, Cecelia Jones, Security Dispatcher, CPMC Security Services Department (7-20-10)
"Jane's heart and soul were in that neighborhood. She was definitely part of the fabric of that plaza. The patrol special was in charge of patrolling that plaza." Steve Adams, President Merchants of Upper Market and Castro as quoted in the Bay Area Reporter, regarding Supervisors' Resolution to name new plaza "Jane Warner Plaza:, 5-27-10
"Jane provided an invaluable service to the community. I think it is a great idea to name the plaza or something else in her honor," Dominico Campodonico, president of the Castro Community Benefits District board of directors, as quoted in the Bay Area Reporter, 5-27-10
"If we want to remember Officer Jane (after her passing on May 8,), let it be by increased public pressure in her name, demanding affirmative promotion of her Patrol Special Police as the asset they truly are to their private clients, and to all San Franciscans in neighborhoods where they serve." Ann Grogan, Letter to the Editor, SF Weekly 5-26-10
"Officer Jane is the epitome of community policing ... She was ever-present." Bevan Dufty, Supervisor District 8, as quoted in SF Weekly 5-17-10
"I believe that the most effective and appropriate way for San Francisco to maintain law and order is for everyone to collaborate and cooperate toward a common goal and purpose, that of safety and security for everyone.  I believe SFPD sets a fine example in most cases, and the vast majority of the officers who make up the SFPD force are quality and dedicated public servants who believe in what they are doing. They cannot achieve their goals alone however, and the collaboration and cooperation of the public and private sector in many forms is required in order to do so.  I firmly believe the Patrol Special Police is one of many such entities that provide a vital and important part of that collaboration and cooperation, as do the people fo San Francisco, otherwise the Patrol Special Police would not ceased to exist long ago." Ken Craig (6-1-10) President, Founder & Grand Master Instructor of Triangle Martial Arts Association, International (www.Trianglemaa.org) ; Vice Chair, Director of Training and Emergency Services Liaison of Castro Community on Patrol (www.CastroPatrol.org)

"Police work is dangerous whether you are a patrol special or a police officer," said Hammer, who was once a reserve police officer. "Jane and the other patrol specials add a whole other sense of visibility or added security ... hands-on attention to a neighborhood." Attorney James Hammer, newly appointed Police Commissioner, quoted in the B.A.R. 12-31-09 "Patrol Special officer injured in Christmas melee" by Heather Cassell.

"Jane had a tough year in 2009 and no one is more deserving for good luck and good wishes [for the coming year]," said District 8 Supervisor Bevan Dufty.

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